Jenn Gibbons, A-CFHC, MSTOM, LAc

ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach and Practitioner
Masters in Science Traditional Chinese Medicine
Nationally Certified Herbalist
Licensed Acupuncturist

Jenn Gibbons

About Jenn Gibbons

Jenn Gibbons is a holistic practitioner integrating Asian medicine with functional medicine, health coaching and qigong to support patients on their path towards optimal health.

Jenn began her health studies while growing up in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawians are famous for their longevity attributed to their strong connection to their environment, community and medicinal diet rich in minerals and fermentable fibers.

Valuing the Okinawan Way and intrigued by the mind, Jenn began her formal studies in Psychology. After obtaining her bachelor's degree, she moved to New York City to continue her studies at Pacific College of Health and Sciences in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, herbology, and eastern nutrition. There she earned a Bachelor's degree in Professional Studies, a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a National Certification with the Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

While studying at Pacific, Jenn expanded her knowledge by training with Master Yang Fukui, Pacific's tuina (acupressure), qigong, and taiji teacher. Master Yang taught Jenn how to utilize internal martial arts tools such as the famous 8 Brocade and 5 Element qigong to support the healing process. She integrated these functional movement tools within the physical medicine and rehabilitation center she managed and treated out of in the financial district of Manhattan.

Intrigued that the 8 Brocade qigong system was being utilized in developmental pediatrics, Jenn began studying with Dr. Stephen Cowan, a Pediatrician who devoted his life to Chinese medicine and internal arts because these systems provided more resources to help a child grow and thrive. Jenn obtained a certification in developmental pediatrics and became a Tournesol Kids coach.

Wanting to support her patients further by utilizing diagnostic testing, Jenn began her training in functional medicine with Datis Kharrazian's resources to interpret serum labs and learn how to support the thyroid and brain. She completed a year training with Chris Kresser at the Kresser Institute where she obtained her ADAPT Functional Medicine Certification. Later Chris asked Jenn to teach functional health in his Functional Health Coaching training program where Jenn obtained her ADAPT Functional Health Coach certification.

What to expect if you work with Jenn? In addition to reviewing a thorough health history and lab analysis, Jenn utilizes the Five Elements Framework within Chinese medicine, internal martial arts and Tournesol coaching, to determine your physiologic pattern of disharmony and personalizes your nutrition, supplementation, herbal formulation, movement and coaching program to balance this physiologic disharmony, optimizing your wellness.